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3 Customized Solutions to Stop Workplace Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in the workplace has become a major concern for both health officials and employers who maintain work areas with louder than normal sound levels. The key to preventing hearing loss in the workplace is to provide protection for the ears.

Customized solution to stop workplace hearing loss

Individualized Training Programs

While videos and group training sessions offer valuable information, they can't take the place of a few minutes of individualized conversation between the trainer and the student. One o one training ensures the employee understands the basics of what they are being told and allows time for questions the student may have.

In-ear Dosimeters

Ear protection devices are designed to block out noise. In reality, if they don't fit the person who is wearing them, the noise can still filter through and damage their hearing. In-ear dosimeters are used to measure the sound level inside the ear, between the plugs/headphones and the ear canal. In some cases, the devices work well, but they simply don't fit the person wearing them.

Ear Protection That Fits Properly

No two ears are alike which means that a company can't offer just one type of ear protection. Fit-testing provides an opportunity to find out which devices are best suited for each person.

Your hearing is one of your most valuable assets. Once it's gone, it can't be fully restored. In order to protect your hearing, you must not only have the right type of device, you must also have a device that fits properly. It's up to your employer to make sure you have what you need to fully protect your hearing. If you have questions about possible job-related hearing loss, call Gaylord & Nantais today to schedule a consultation!


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