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4 Important Tips for Handling Worker's Compensation AME

Most companies will want a person who has filed a worker's compensation claim to submit to an agreed medical examination (AME) performed by a third party physician. Hiring a third party physician guarantees impartiality and will provide both parties with an accurate accounting of the injuries that were sustained during the accident.

Here are 4 important tips for handling worker’s compensation AME:

Be on Time

Be on time and have everything with you that were requested. This could include a list of your medications and any items or braces that were prescribed to you when you received your initial diagnosis.

Be Polite

Be as polite as possible. The doctor is there to determine the accurate extent of your injuries, not discredit you. Answer the doctor's questions without animosity. Even though it may seem as if they are being rather hard on you, they’re only looking for answers that will help them make an accurate diagnosis.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Be honest about your past medical history, any prior injuries, and current limitations. Be as truthful as possible and be prepared to show the doctor what you can and cannot physically do. A qualified doctor will be able to determine range of motion and flexibility, so be honest and provide the doctor with accurate information.

Take Notes

Have a friend go with you to take notes. Include any questions the doctors asked and what the doctor may have said during the examination. Remember to put in the notes anything the doctor may say about future complications. Include a list of any tests that the doctor performed.

Submitting to an agreed medical examination is a part of any worker's compensation claim. The doctor is there to do a job and all you have to do is be as honest as possible about your injuries and how they are affecting your life.


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