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5 Effective Ways to Prevent Workplace Eye Injuries

Eye injuries that occur in the workplace have a dramatic effect on productivity and can cost companies millions of dollars each year. It’s important to take necessary precautions to protect your eyes and keep them from potential harm.

Effective Ways to Prevent Workplace Eye Injuries

Here are 5 ways to prevent workplace eye injuries:

  1. Screen Guards for Digital Eye Strain

    Eye strain from staring at a computer screen can cause extreme fatigue and actually weaken a person's eyesight. Screen guards are available that reduce the effects of the light emitted from the computer screen and will relieve digital eye strain.

  2. Protective Eyewear

    Worker on a construction site with eye protection glasses

    If a person works in an industrial environment, the risk of potential workplace injury involving the eyes increases dramatically. Wearing protective eyewear or OSHA approved safety glasses can help to protect your eyes from spills, splashes and flying debris.

  3. Eye Examinations

    Annual eye examinations will ensure that your eyes are in good health and your vision is where it needs to be. Being able to see clearly will help to prevent eye injuries and strain that can affect a person's eyesight.

  4. Eliminate Potential Hazards

    Inspect equipment and work areas on a daily basis to ensure all machines and utensils are in good working order. Daily inspections will find potential problems before they become major health hazards. If something is broken or not in its correct place, fix it and make sure the work environment has no potential hazards that could cause any type of bodily workplace injury.

  5. Maintain a Clean Environment

    Always maintain a clean environment. Keep dust to a minimum and remove any loose debris that may become airborne. Keeping the workplace clean will protect your eyes from injury as well as irritation and infection.


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