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7 Jobs That Have Lung Risks for Some Workers

Work-related lung disease is one of the most common reasons for Worker's Compensation claims. If you work in an environment where airborne pathogens exist, your employer must provide you with protective gear to reduce your risk of damaging your lungs.

Here are 7 jobs that are known to cause work-related lung diseases:

  1. Mining – The dust from underground mines can cause black lung and other work-related lung diseases.

  2. Cleaning (Residential and Commercial) – Constant exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals can erode the mucous membrane in the sinuses and lungs making you more susceptible to disease.

  3. Automotive and Transportation Industries – Working in the automotive and transportation industries can result in exposure to petrol-chemicals and exhaust fumes that can damage the lungs.

  4. Restaurant Staff (Waitresses and Bartenders) – In states where smoking is allowed in bars and restaurants, second-hand smoke is one of the biggest health risks for restaurant staff members.

  5. Firefighting – Firemen are exposed to many different types of toxic fumes and airborne contaminants while fighting fires, increasing the risk of damaging their lungs.

  6. Construction – Dust created by cutting and welding metals, woods, plastics, and insulation can increase a worker's exposure to materials like asbestos and man-made mineral fiber.

  7. Manufacturing – Workers who are employed by manufacturing companies may be exposed to toxic chemicals and cleaning agents as part of the manufacturing process

If you have been employed in any of these industries and have been diagnosed with a work-related lung disease, call Gaylord and Nantais today. As Workplace injury attorneys, they can help you get the compensation you deserve.


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