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7 Misconceptions About Worker’s Compensation Claims

The details surrounding worker’s compensation laws are often complicated and varying depending on different states and circumstances. Because of this, worker's compensation can be confusing.

Here are seven common misconceptions about worker’s compensation

  1. Worker’s Compensation Claims are Not Worth Filing

    Even if you are concerned that there are certain factors involved with your injury that may disqualify your claim, or perhaps you are not sure about the outcome, you may be entitled to different benefits that you are not aware of, especially if you have been injured at the workplace.

  2. My Employer Will Watch Out for Me

    Regardless of how strong a bond you have with your employer, that does not mean that your employer will look out for your interests if you were to get injured on the job. Consult with someone who has your interests as their #1 priority.

  3. Independent Contractors are Ineligible

    It depends on the situation, but independent contractors may be eligible for benefits. Your attorney should be able to tell you.

  4. Claims are Simple

    There are a number of factors related to a worker's compensation claim. Every claim has its unique variables. It is very important to get an experienced attorney in regards to worker’s compensation laws.

  5. Denied Claims are a Lost Cause

    If your claim was denied, you are entitled to appeal against the decision and your case will be re-examined. A hearing will be scheduled.

  6. I Could Possibly Lose My Job

    Many people who file worker’s compensation claims do so with the potential risk of being fired. However, it is against the law for an employer to fire an employee for filing a claim.

Emergency Medical Services are Not Covered

If your claim is approved, emergency room visits and emergency response care will be covered under your benefits.


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