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7 Tips for Workers to Mitigate Noise Related Hearing Loss

Your hearing is one of your most valuable senses. There are several ways you can protect your hearing, both on the job and at home. The workplace isn't the only place where loud noises occur, so making sure you have what you need to protect your hearing is essential.

Tips for workers to mitigate noise realted hearing loss

Avoid Loud Noise Whenever Possible

While you can't always avoid loud noises in the workplace, you can leave loud environments when you're on your own time.

Use Noise-Cancelling Headsets

Noise canceling headsets block out noises in the surrounding environment. Many companies whose workers are exposed to loud noises are offered these headphones to protect their hearing while they are on the job.

Protect Your Hearing All the Time

Carry a headset or set of earplugs with you at all time. Even if you aren't at work, you may still be exposed to loud noises. Having a set of earplugs with you will protect your hearing if you find yourself in an environment where loud noises are possible.

Monitor Your Blood Pressure

Take care of your heart and monitor your blood pressure. Hypertension can cause higher than normal pressure behind your eardrum and actually start to affect your hearing.

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking now and start exercising. This will improve your circulation and lower your blood pressure.

Use Ear Plugs That Fit Your Ears

Loose fitting earplugs may not block out all of the noise. Find a pair that fits snugly in your ear and minimizes the majority of noise in the environment.

Never Poke Around Inside Your Ear

Never put anything in your ear canal or poke around inside your ear. This could damage your eardrum and result in permanent hearing loss.

Don't take unnecessary chances with your hearing. Whether you are at work or home, take the necessary precautions.


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