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Effective Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss at Work

Your work environment can expose you to a variety of risks. Although many precautions are in place, you may be exposed to high levels of noise that can eventually damage your hearing. To prevent damage to your ears and the need for hearing loss compensation, you can take the following steps to help reduce your risk.

Know Where the Noise Comes From

It is important to know the source of the noise. If you know you will be working near the source, you may be able to have the volume turned down. If not, find out if you can be moved from that particular location.

Disposable Ear Plugs

Many companies who know that loud noises are part of their manufacturing process offer their employees disposable ear plugs. They may be slightly uncomfortable, but in the long run, will reduce your risk of hearing loss.

Sound Proof Headsets

If disposable ear plugs are not helping, you can always purchase soundproof headsets that cover your entire ears. When used with disposable ear plugs, you may be able to protect your hearing and prevent the need for hearing loss compensation.

Limit Your Exposure

Limit exposure to loud noises outside of the workplace. If you have a high risk of hearing loss at work, don't push the situation by increasing your risk at home. Keep stereos and television volumes at a moderate level, and wear ear plugs or headsets if you will be performing activities that increase noise.

Have Your Hearing Checked Regularly

Get your hearing checked regularly to determine if any hearing loss has occurred. Your doctor can tell you if the measures you are taking are sufficient. If not, they may be able to recommend other ways you may not have thought of. Ask questions about hearing loss compensation.


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