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Hearing Loss Protection Trifecta: How it Benefits Both Workers and Companies

Protecting your hearing while you're at work is not just your responsibility. It also falls on the shoulders of your employer. They are responsible for providing you with protective aids that you can wear to block out high levels of noise. Here are three things that should be remembered when choosing protective gear for your ears.

hearing loss protection

Customized Ear Protection

Every person is different regarding the shape of their head, size of their ears, etc. With this in mind, it's essential that your employer find protective headgear that can be adjusted to your specific needs. When headgear fits correctly, it is more comfortable and will be more effective at reducing the level of noise you are exposed to while on the job.

Prevent Exposure to “High-Noise”

With the right type of headphones, exposure to loud noises would be significantly reduced. Keeping noise exposure to 85dB or less for eight hours is essential. Even at this rate, however, you would still be at risk of hearing loss over the course of time you spend at your job.

Does Not Limit Communication

It's also extremely important that, while canceling out high levels of noise, the headphones or headset you use does not limit your ability to communicate with those around you. Not being able to communicate with your co-worker effectively could increase your risk of injury and cause you to be unaware of dangerous situations that might arise.

It's important to prevent hearing loss while you are on the job. Your employer is required to provide you with resources and tools to protect your hearing. If you need a Worker's Compensation attorney, call Gaylord & Nantais. They have many years of experience dealing with Worker's Compensation cases, especially in terms of hearing loss compensation. Call their office today and schedule a consultation!


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