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How to Rescue a Crush Injury Victim at Your Workplace

Crush injuries can be extremely serious when they occur within the workplace. If your company offers training on how to handle specific injuries, make sure to include crush injuries so that employees understand the severity of this type of accident if it occurs.

Measures You Can Take to Prevent Further Injury

As soon as any workplace injury occurs, immediately call 9-1-1 and start to evaluate the situation. This involves securing the area to maintain a safe environment. Attempt to talk to the victim. If they are conscious, ask if they are able to move specific areas of the body and if they have feeling in the areas that are affected. If the object is light enough to be moved and has not pinned the victim to another surface, gently move the object and continue to assess the victim's injuries until help arrives.

Recognizing Crush Syndrome

Crush syndrome is different than a crush injury. It's important to know the difference between each one before attempting to render aid. A crush injury is one that involves a heavy object falling on a part of the body. Crush injuries often affect a small area of the body and the object is easily displaced. Crush syndrome normally involves a large area of the body and the impact pins the victim to the ground or between another object. If you're unsure of whether the victim is experiencing crush syndrome, do not attempt to move the object until rescue assistance arrives.

Crush injuries are serious and should never be treated lightly. If you've experienced a workplace injury that involves crushing, you need to call a personal injury attorney who deals with traumatic injuries. They can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve and helping you get back on the road to recovery much faster


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