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Importance of Safely Handling Chemicals at Your Workplace

Knowing how to safely handle hazardous chemicals in the workplace can save your life as well as the lives of your co-workers. If chemicals are present in your work environment, pay close attention to the training you receive and always use the tools that are provided for your personal protection.

Learn how to handle chemicals at work

Wash Your Hands Often
Wash your hands whenever you finish using any chemicals. This prevents you from exposing others to fumes or harmful residues.

Know Your Company's Protocols for Handling Chemicals
Your company has protocols and procedures for handling harmful chemicals. Always make sure you understand these protocols and procedures before you begin using any type of chemical or cleaning agent.

Always Use the Personal Protection Equipment Provided
Your company is required to provide you with the equipment you need to remain safe within the workplace. This includes providing you with gloves, eyewear, and coverings that are designed to protect you from unnecessary exposure.

Importance of Safely Handling Chemicals at Your Workplace

Read Labels and Know How to Use Your MSDS Sheets
It's important to know as much as possible about each chemical you use while at work. Read each label thoroughly so that you know what each product contains. You can also find information in the MSDS sheets that are kept where the chemicals are stored. These sheets explain clean up procedures as well as what to do in case you are exposed to the chemical.

Put All Chemicals Away When They Are No Longer In Use
When you are finished using any chemical, always put it away and clean up your work area. This prevents chemicals from mixing and others from being exposed.

There are several things you can do to protect yourself from being exposed to harmful chemicals. Learn as much as you can and always keep your environment as safe and clean as possible.


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