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Injury as an Apprentice: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

On the job training can take many forms. An apprenticeship is just one way of getting the hands-on training you need to be certified to perform a specific job. As an apprentice, you are considered an employee of the company who is sponsoring your apprenticeship program. If you get injured while on the job, you have the right to file a Worker's Compensation claim.

work injury rights and responsibilities

Report Your Injury Promptly

If you are injured while performing your job as an apprentice, it is up to you to report your injury as soon as possible. There are deadlines that must be met and you need to seek medical attention immediately to document your injury and find out what treatment options you have available to you.

Know Your Apprenticeship Agreement

Before you take on any job as an apprentice or an intern, make sure you know what is included in your apprenticeship agreement. It will provide you details concerning any deadlines that must be met and what steps you must take to file a Worker's Compensation claim.

Stay In Touch With Your Program Sponsor

Maintain close contact with your program sponsor. If you are injured while on the job, make sure your Worker's Compensation attorney is able to contact your sponsor. This will ensure that everyone knows what is going on with your case.

If you have sustained a work injury as an apprentice, you need to call a reputable Worker's Compensation attorney immediately. The qualified staff at Gaylord & Nantais have years of experience when it comes to worker's compensation claims. Don't let another day go by! Call and schedule a consultation today!


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