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Study Reveals: Factory Workers Often Unaware of Hearing Loss

It is estimated that close to one-fourth of workers in the United States are exposed to high levels of noise in the workplace. The majority of those workers will eventually experience some degree of their hearing loss due to the noise they are exposed to. Many workers will not even realize that their hearing is being affected until it's too late.

Factory Workers Often Unaware of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Is Gradual

Hearing loss does not occur right away. It is gradually lost over time, depending on the level of noise a worker is exposed to. OSHA has strict regulations and guidelines in place that are designed to protect employees from losing their hearing due to workplace conditions. Even with these measures in place, reliable reporting measures that employees can use to detect a loss of hearing need to be in place. In addition to developing newer, more effective protective devices, there also needs to be reliable hearing tests that can detect this type of gradual loss.

Employees Become De-sensitized to the Noise

When an employee works in a loud environment, they often become desensitized to the level of noise they are exposed to. There are cases where workers believe that their hearing is in within normal ranges, only to find out they have suffered a significant loss of hearing. Both employers and employees need to take proactive measures to prevent hearing loss from occurring in the workplace.

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