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The 5 Golden Tips for Ensuring Health & Safety at Workplace

Nobody wants to work in a potentially dangerous and unhealthy work environment, but if you’re the boss or manager, you definitely don’t want an injury on your head. That’s why it’s important to follow the golden rules when it comes to workplace safety.

However, a lot of people don’t know, what exactly they should be doing when it comes to workplace health and safety. Use these five golden tips to make sure that everybody working at your business workplace, including you yourself, stays safe and healthy.

  1. Cleanliness
    Keep your workplace neat and clean. It might seem obvious to you, but a clean workplace is one where you’re likely to see fewer accidents. Make sure your janitorial staff is doing a good job, and always notify your employees that they must keep their own workspaces clean.

  2. Safety Training
    Provide safety training to employees with potentially dangerous jobs. While you might be required to give some basic safety training to all employees, you should go above and beyond. Make sure your employees stay healthy to ensure that you are running a profitable company.

  3. Safety Instructions
    Hang safety instructions where they are clearly visible to all of your employees. Break rooms, hallways and entrances are ideal places for hanging safety instructions. They’ll need to know what to do in the case of an emergency, and a regular reminder like instructions can be very helpful.

  4. Risk Assessment
    Hire somebody to come to your company for risk assessment You’ll want to know where people are most likely to get hurt and which areas are the most dangerous at your workplace. You might be surprised at the findings.

  5. Safety Gear
    Spend money on high quality safety gear for all of your employees. Don’t make them buy it – pay for it yourself. You’ll want them to be safe, healthy and as well protected as possible in the workplace.


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Thomas M. Nantais is the Co- owner of Gaylord & Nantais, a legal firm specializing in workers’ compensation, in the state of California. This firm deals in getting hearing loss compensation and work related injuries compensation for those who have worked in the state of California. With his sincere efforts, Thomas is committed to meet the highest standards of the legal industry, and aims to provide the clients with an honest and aggressive representation.

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