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The Redressal of Psychological Damage Related to Workplace Injury in California

A workplace injury does more than just harm the body. It can cause psychological damage as well. The inability to work or perform normal daily activities can lead to feelings of uselessness and depression. While many only see the physical injuries that are visible, the deeper scars are often found at the emotional level. Receiving compensation for both physical and emotional injuries is essential.

Psychological Damage Related to Workplace Injury

Physical Injuries Result in Emotional Stress

Work-related injuries result in both physical pain as well as emotional pain. When a person can't work or care for their family in a way that they normally are accustomed to, the emotional trauma can be severe. In some cases, it is even classified as a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. It's important that during medical evaluations that your mental health is evaluated as well.

The Best Worker's Compensation Attorney

In order to find the best Worker's Compensation attorney to cover your case, you need to hire one who takes both your physical and emotional well-being to heart. Healing the physical body is important but comforting the mind should also be a priority. The right attorney will help to accomplish that goal.

If you are concerned about your Worker's Compensation insurance claim and are still dealing with the stress and frustration associated with your injury, call the office of Gaylord & Nantais today! Their attorneys understand the importance of protecting both the body and the mind so that you can fully recover from your injury. Schedule your appointment today to get the compensation you need!


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