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Top 10 FAQs Around Worker's Compensation Insurance

Regardless of how careful workers are to avoid accidents or illness at the workplace, both employers and employees should have an understanding of worker’s compensation.

Here are the top 10 frequently asked questions regarding worker’s compensation:

  1. Who needs worker’s compensation?

    According to the state law, anyone who works for an employer in California is subject to worker’s compensation, which makes this insurance a requirement for all employers.

  2. Is a husband and wife business partnership required to carry worker’s compensation insurance?

    Insurance is optional for a couple who owns a business, unless they have at least one employee working in their organization.

  3. How are executive officers or directors of a private corporation covered?

    All corporate employees, except sole owners, usually must be covered by a worker’s compensation policy.

  4. How is worker’s compensation obtained?

    The California Department of Insurance website provides a list of agents and brokers who are authorized to write policies.

  5. How do you go about becoming self-insured?

    Small companies within the same industry can form a pool for group self-insurance.

  6. What is the cost of worker’s compensation insurance?

    Premiums are not regulated by the state and the rates can vary, depending on the carrier.

  7. What are the posting requirements for employers?

    Employers must post the "notice to employees" poster in a conspicuous area of the workplace.

  8. Where can employers get the necessary forms if an employee is injured?

    The insurance carrier or representative can provide claim forms in the amount requested.

  9. What procedure does the employer follow when an employee is injured or becomes ill?

    The employer must provide a worker’s compensation form and return a copy of the completed form within a day of filing the claim.

  10. Can employees work during their recovery?

    After a medical examination, a doctor can recommend the limits of the activities that the employee can perform.


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