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Why Worker's Safety Is Essential for Sustainability

Employers are required to provide a safe workplace for the good of workers, employees and society. Another element of a safe environment is sustainability, which is the conscious attempt to go more green and reduce hazardous chemicals in the construction of buildings. Today many businesses are moving toward more eco-friendly work environments to promote both worker's safety and a cleaner image with the community.

Why Worker's Safety Is Essential for Sustainability

People, Profit and Planet

Modern organizations now focus on achieving sustainability by balancing people, profit and planet. Sustainability is becoming a mindset that communicates values, which can translate into customer and employee loyalty. It's a proactive approach that gives companies an edge over competitors that still engage in mass pollution without regard to environmental safety. Not only can sustainability help preserve natural resources, it can reduce illnesses that result from exposure to dangerous pollutants.

Integration of Health and Safety Into Sustainability

Sustainability strategies can go a long way in helping companies, especially if they have a health-conscious attitude. By creating healthier working conditions, firms can reduce the amount of downtime, sick leave and medical bills that can result from high risk environments. Employers must take initiatives beyond lip service to ensure that they really are contributing to a safer workplace for the workers their business relies on for productivity.

One of the ways to improve workplace safety is to establish health metrics that measure safety strategies. OSHA and The Center for Safety and Health Sustainability are at the forefront of this movement. Since the cost of occupational illnesses, injuries and fatalities is about $200 billion per year, it's imperative that business owners take sustainability seriously.


Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability as a strategy to improve company reputation among workers and the public. Focusing on a safer workplace helps long-term economic productivity and stability.


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