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Workers' Compensation: Does it Apply to Telecommuters?

Telecommuting or working from home can be extremely beneficial if you understand what is required of your job and if you are confident with staying on track.. As long as you are on the payroll as an employee, you can claim the same benefits as those who work on the company's property.

workers compensation apply to telecommuters

Working from Home

In most states, the law says that if an injury occurs while an employee is performing tasks related to the expressed duties of their job, the employee is covered under workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of where the injury took place. With telecommuting becoming more popular, work-related injuries that occur at home are being reported more frequently. Your worker's compensation attorney will be able to present your case and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Independent Contractors and Freelancers

Independent contractors and freelancers aren't considered “employee” in the traditional sense. Although they may work for a company, they remain their own entity which means they must carry their own insurance. Every worker's compensation claim is considered on its own merit. This is why having a workers’ compensation attorney is so important.

If your employer allows you to work from home and you have received an injury, don't wait to contact a worker's compensation attorney. Call Gaylord & Nantais at your earliest convenience so you can meet the necessary guidelines for filing your claim.


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