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“I stopped working in 1998. My union sent me a letter notifying me that Gaylord & Nantais were screening folks at the hall. I attended that meeting in 2006. Tom Nantais took my case to trial, and I received $33,320.00 in compensation, plus free hearing aids for the rest of my life. In addition, the insurance company has just offered to buy out my future medical benefits for $23,000.00 more. Thank you, Tom”
- Robert Waugh, Bodfish, CA

“Please receive my deepest thanks and appreciation for your efforts on my behalf. The amount received will certainly help toward better hearing aids. Thank you so much for this unexpected blessing!”
- Jose D. Ramirez, La Mirada, CA

“I stopped working around loud noise nearly 20 years ago. Gaylord & Nantais filed a claim for me, and I got $13,000.00 in less than six months. I now have a new top-of-the-line hearing aid and it works great.”
- Robert MacDonald, Long Beach, CA

“I retired from Greyhound as a mechanic, and noticed I had really bad hearing. I was referred to Gaylord and Nantais and they got me a settlement of $45,000.00. I was really surprised and so grateful. I recommend anybody who worked around loud noise and suffers from poor hearing to give Gaylord and Nantais a call.”
- Alvaro Espinoza, Los Angeles, CA


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